Spooky Visits to Sea Life Sanctuary

Scary critters of the deep will a key focus this October. Meet freaky Batfish, Devil Crabs, Vampire tangs and other appropriately named creatures and learn that it is we humans who are the real monsters!

From Saturday, 22 Oct 2016 to Monday 31 Oct 2016 Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary* will create a special package of fright-fest entertainment including highlighting the horrors that pollution, over-fishing and other human follies are inflicting on the marine world.

There will be lots of fishy fun - a novel pumpkin hunt, a Yucky Dip, spooky fact finding, origami making and crafts and fancy dress. Loads of fund for the kids in the half-term holiday.

The Halloween entertainment provides another chance for visitors to celebrate the sea and its creatures. There are planed daily talks and stunning displays.

*Dates may vary for individual SEA LIFE Sanctuary locations so refer to the website for exact dates: www.sealife.co.uk


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