Refloating Baden Powell

Refloating the Baden Powell

The Baden Powell is a 34ft cockling boat built in 1900 that is being restored and currently situated in Terrington St. John. The aim is to have the Baden Powell afloat this year.

Can you imagine how exciting it will be to see the Baden Powell carrying passengers up and down the Lynn waterfront?

That is exactly what the King's Lynn Worfolk Boat Trust project is working towards. It is headed by Project Leader Tim Clayton and enthusiastically supported by a team of talented volunteers.

You can help the project to make improved headway.

The team are making excellent progress as can be seen from the information on their website. You can help that progress in the form of donations. Every penny helps move the project forward so that we can see this beautiful boat afloat again.

King's Lynn has a long and special maritime heritage and this project will bring some bygone memories to life on the town's waterfront.

For information about the Baden Powell Project please click here

To make a donation to the Baden Powell Project please click here

Tim Clayton and the team would also like to ask a favour of the kind people of King's Lynn- is there a blacksmith or fabricator who would like to generously volunteer any time they could spare to help with some of the metalwork based tasks that are left, to help complete the project?

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Below is the April 2017 newsletter from the project.

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