Old Norfolk Recipe - Soused Mackeral

February Recipe - Norfolk's Famous Soused Mackerel

Hello everyone and welcome! This past month I have met some amazing people who were kind enough to share some of Norfolk's best kept secret recipes. So during this year in my monthly news items I will be telling you all about dishes that built this County.

This month I'm starting with Soused Mackerel. Sousing was originally a preserving method used by fish mongers to make sure they still had produce when the bad weather hit and the boats couldn't go out.

These days we don't need to use methods like this, which is perhaps why it's fallen off the radar, but try this for your next fish supper and maybe you will agree with me that it should make a comeback in 2018!

You will need:

1 deep Casserole dish

Raw mackerel fillets

Pepper corns


Spirit vinegar





Slotted spoon


Start by taking your fillets and lay neatly into your casserole dish. I prefer skin side up but that's entirely down to your preference. Add some parsley around the fish, stalks and all, Lemon halves, quartered shallots and 1 peppercorn per fillet.

In a jug mix equal measures of vinegar and water. Gently pour over until the fish is submerged. Cover with a lid or tin foil and place in a warm oven (around 100'C) for 2 hours.

Once cooked, carefully remove the fillets from the dish and lay on a plate to rest. You can eat them hot or cold. I like to toast some country roll, topped with a nice potato salad and gently lay my warm mackerel on top for a beautiful open sandwich.

Give it a try! You can also use sousing for root vegetables, eggs and lean meats.

Send us photos of your dishes and we will feature them on our social media pages!


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