GEAR 2017

Grand East Anglian Run 2017

We would like to say well done and show our support to everyone that took part in this year's Grand East Anglian Run (GEAR) and the Mini GEAR for the youngsters.

Well done to everyone - it was inspiring to see so many people taking part in the GEARs.

Congratulations to the runners who took the first three places of the women's race who were Faye Fullerton, Emma Risbey and Laura Thomas. Also to the first three of the men's race who were Adrian Mussett, Andrew Leach and Malcolm Muir.

One of the runners, Matt Pyatt, is quite well known to us here at My Local Guide West Norfolk. Matt is a regular on the local circuit but also takes part in events across the Country and abroad. Matt placed 9th in the GEAR - fantastic!

He recently entered the Lisbon half marathon and placed very well. In fact Matt is known for placing well in most every race he enters. Matt is grateful for sponsorship from local King's Lynn restaurant diner Carousel in West Norfolk where you can see him waiting on tables and keeping customers happy.

This year Matt is ran with the hope of raising money for the RAF Benevolent Fund. He does not have a personal donations page but would love you to give what you can to his chosen charity. If you wish to do that online there is a link here.

Matt is a regular contributor and competitor at the King's Lynn Park Run which takes place in the Walks on Saturday mornings. Everyone is welcome at the Park Run and we will shortly be posting more information about it on our Attractions page.

We are well aware that every runner has a story and Matt's is that he wasn't always living a healthy lifestyle.

Matt has been kind enough to offer to write a series of articles for us about running. In the first of these articles and in his own words here is his story:-


'My name is Matt Pyatt, I am almost 40 years old and well known on the local running scene with my reasonable success in the sport during the past 5 years.

My highlights have been:-

winning the British Masters 800m Championships in 2012,

finishing in the top 20 of the Manchester Marathon in 2013 (8000 finishers);

finishing in 166th place in the London Marathon in 2014 (36,000 finishers),

finishing 247th in the Berlin Marathon in 2015 (40,000 finishers);

winning the County 10 Mile championships in 2014 and 2015;

being the first local runner in the Grand East Anglian Run in King's Lynn in 2014, 2015 and 2016;

representing England Masters at Cross Country in Dublin in 2015 and

winning the KLFM Sportsman of the year award for achievements in 2015.

A healthy and active lifestyle was not always top of my agenda - in fact I spent years doing totally the opposite until in 2008 when a shoulder injury caused through excessive alcohol consumption led me to A & E and then joining the local gym.

I then took 5 months to lose quite a bit of weight from my near 15 stone frame and began running on a treadmill.

In February of 2009 I saw a poster for the GEAR 10K race in King's Lynn and thought if I could run 10K on the treadmill I would enter the next day. I did it. It took me 1 hour and with 3 months of training I ran my first 10K race in the May at GEAR finishing in 43 minutes.

From this point, as with many new runners, doing too much too soon I suffered several injury setbacks and life in general got on top of me and I struggled to achieve any progress during the next 2 years but I still kept trying.

In September 2011 the Parkrun, a weekly timed 5K event, arrived at The Walks in King's Lynn and this gave me a chance to try and progress on a weekly basis.

After a few months I started to improve and after 3 years of consistent effort I started to get leaner and faster and pushed my way through the pack to the front. By now I was weighing in around 4 stones lighter than when I started to turn my life around. This obviously helped a lot.

I will continue the story further the next time I write and mention what it takes to get along in sport.

For now however what I can say from personal experience and hopefully as motivation for others:

People often start with resolutions at the beginning of every year and often give them up after a few weeks, but as hard as it gets, a healthier lifestyle leads to a happier more rewarding life. As bad as it may feel now or as tough as it gets it is all worth it in the end. Your future self will thank you for going that extra mile. I am certainly glad I swapped 50 pints a week and junk food for miles of running as I was missing out on so much with the hidden talent I didn't even know I had!'

If you have a story of any type whatsoever that relates to the local area we would love to hear it. Please send us an email to and we will look to publish your story.


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